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Porsche Cayman R: Driving report

Porsche Cayman R

Very nice driving report here of the Porsche Cayman R. Enjoy!

What’s the Cayman R like to drive?

Brilliant. The R’s steering is beautifully weighted and detailed, it’s more exploitable and friendly than a 911, and with our car’s £1465 sports exhaust there’s a proper hair-erecting howl. The seats are great, offering excellent support with out the back-breaking hardness of Porsche’s most extreme buckets.

Our car had pretty much every option on it, including the PDK ‘box and ceramic brakes (a whopping £5463). There’s never been much wrong with regular Porsche stoppers, but the PCCBs are relentlessly strong, have great feel, and will stand you in good stead if you intend to take your R on a few track days. You might prefer the Cayman’s precise manual transmission, but the double-clutch PDK unit is slick when you’re cruising around, and the optional Sport Chrono Pack has buttons to sharpen the throttle response and turn the PDK gearbox into a super-sharp unit when you’re on it. It’s got a proper set of paddles, too (at last – none of us got on with the rubbish push buttons!).