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VW Iltis: Driving report with the Ur-Ur quattro

VW Iltis

If you are even just a slight bit into Audi history you will know that the VW Iltis was the blueprint for today’s quattro technology from Audi. Great driving report here!

“We’re about to confirm that we’ve cancelled the Q3,” Joseph, Audi AG’s German PR representative says to me with a smile as I walk past him and into the frigid morning air in the Quebec back country.

He pauses, waiting for my morning din to crack and for me to respond.

“Really?” I ask quizzically.

“Yes, we’ve decided to instead build this,” he replies, grinning and nodding off to my left where I see a rather unassuming little Jeep-like vehicle looking like it stepped right out of a 1960s Davos ski advertisement. Its bright khaki paint looks almost vibrant yellow against an overwhelmingly white snowy backdrop and its white canvas top looks anything but army.