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Bentley Continental Supersports ICR Convertible: Live impressions from Geneva Motor Show

Bentley Continental Supersports ICR Convertible

We found some live impressions of the record-setting Bentley Continental Supersports ICR Convertible from the Geneva Motor Show. Truly rocket looks!

The Bentley ICR Convertible was created to commemorate the achievements of Juha Kankkunen. Last month, Kankkunen took a lightly-modified (tires, aero bits and roll-cage) out to a long stretch of sea-turned-ice. Once there, he fired up the twelve-cylinder engine and set a new ice speed record by hitting 205.48 miles per hour.

Bentley is producing 100 examples of the Supersports ICR and each will boast standout features that make them stand out from non-ICR versions. Just three exterior color choices will be available to compliment the Dark Grey Metallic top; Beluga, Quartzite and Arctica White. Inside, carbon fiber has fitted on the dashboard and center console, while the familiar Breitling dashboard clock gets red accents.