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Bugatti Veyron: Owners getting VW XL1 as city car?


Will owners of the Bugatti Veyron get the VW XL1 as city car?

This first drive video of the Volkswagen XL1 Concept by MotorTrend is far from exciting. But its informative nature brings us to an interesting piece of news right at the end: Volkswagen insists that a small run of its concept could make it to production to prove that a 0.9 l/100 km fuel consumption car exists, and to provide a citycar model for Bugatti owners.

It’s an interesting proposition, if unlikely at first glance. The Toyota iQ is being dressed up as an Aston Martin Cygnet to provide those customers with a citycar, so it makes sense that other supercar owners don’t always get out their pride and joy for everyday driving. Would their daily car of choice be a Volkswagen XL1, though?