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Lamborghini Estoque: Will it look like this?

Lamborghini Estoque

We found a nice rendered preview of the upcoming Lamborghini Estoque. Have a look!

Every red-blooded car fan knows that wagons are the business, serving drivers and fashionistas far better than SUVs can. And after years of obscurity, the appeal has reemerged for blue-blooded car fans as well. Ferrari’s Geneva debut of the shooting-brake FF ups the ante for the prancing horse’s primary antagonist and raises the question, “Why not make the four-door Lamborghini Estoque a five door?” In the what-if rendering above, our artist takes that idea and runs with it, melding the Italianate RX-8ness of the Estoque with a dash of its four-place, hyperfastback forebear, the Espada. Even a knee-breaking Vegas bookie wouldn’t give you odds on this thing entering production in Sant’Agata Bolognese, but that’s nothing the aftermarket can’t fix—if the Estoque sedan actually comes to fruition.