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Porsche: New coupe and cabriolet in the works

Porsche Pajun cabriolet

As reported earlier Porsche is working on a baby Panamera, slated the Porsche Pajun, but it seems they are also working on a Porsche Pajun cabriolet.

Life at Porsche is set to get a whole lot busier! Not content with ambitious plans to refresh its current line-up over the next three years, the German firm is seeking VW Group approval to add a new front-engined coupe and convertible to the range.

If the firm gets the nod from VW’s board, the new cars will be based on the second-generation Porsche Panamera platform, which is due to arrive in 2014. Once the Panamera is launched, the firm will add a smaller, two-door coupe to the range – which is being referred to internally as the Pajun, short for Panamera Junior.

The smaller coupe will be front-engined, recalling the old 928, and use the same six- and eight-cylinder engines as the larger car. It is unclear whether the new car will be rear-drive only or offer four-wheel-drive on top-spec models like the Panamera.