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VW Giugiaro Go!: A preview of VW’s MPV future

VW Giugiaro Go!

Have a look at the VW Giugiaro Go! concept at the Geneva Motor Show and you will see the future of VW’s MPV plans.

After a research study to determine what Volkswagen vehicles of the future may look like, Giugiaro (now owned by the Volkswagen Group) focused on two distinct concepts, one of which is the Go! that you see here (the other is the Tex, which we’ve already shown you). The design firm thinks of the Go! as a multi-purpose vehicle for urban areas, and as such, it measures just four-meters in length and runs solely on electricity using VW’s proprietary Blue-e-motion EV technology. According to the automaker, the Go! is capable of traveling about 150 miles on electric power alone.