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Audi S6: The latest intel

Audi S6

Here’s the latest intel about the new Audi S6.

Just as the A6 has become more luxurious in its latest guise, so the S6 will capture much of that refinement and mix it with the smooth yet punchy delivery of a new 4.0-litre turbocharged V8.
The S6 is tipped to get the single-turbo version of the new engine, with an output around 440bhp. A twin-turbo version with around 555bhp is believed to be reserved for the RS6 but will be seen first in a new entry-point Bentley Continental GT V8.

The new S6 will have just 5bhp more than the 435bhp V10-powered old-gen model, but its performance and economy are expected to better its predecessor’s. New lightweight construction and more compact dimensions mean it will be lighter.
The S6 is expected to feature a seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission, which should be smooth and quick-shifting, as well as having a Sports programme for rapid shifts.