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VW Beetle: Next generation unveiled, comes with bold looks!

VW Beetle

VW has take off the wraps of the next-generation VW Beetle. It’s wider, longer and sportier. Bold looks come standard.

The look isn’t quite what we expected after seeing spy shots of the car frolicking around in the sun. It would seem VW pulled a fast one on us by fitting the 2012 mule with last-generation taillights at the time, as the new one features larger magnet-like units that give the 2012 model’s rump a radically different look.

The production vehicle boasts seating for four, though the back bench can be folded to allow for more cargo room in a pinch. European buyers will have their choice of four engines ranging from an efficient 1.2-liter gasoline mill to a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and a 1.6-liter turbo diesel. At this point, it isn’t yet official which exactly which of those will make their way across The Pond, but we’re guessing all three, as VW has previously stated that it will bring a TDI to the States – and even offer it in a Cabriolet model.

The 1.6-liter turbo diesel engine delivers around 105 horsepower while returning 65.7 miles per gallon on the EU scale thanks to a start/stop and intelligent battery regeneration system. That equals out to around 54 mpg on the U.S. cycle, but VW is estimating that an EPA rating for the oil burner, should it ever show up in the States, will be 40 mpg highway, 29 mpg city, and 33 mpg combined. The current best-mpg New Beetle available here – the 5 cylinder, 2.5-liter automatic – gets 20 city and 29 on the highway.