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Audi A9: The latest intel!

Audi A9

Here’s the very latest intel about the rumored Audi A9. A must read!

Target: Audi A9 Coupe and Cabriolet
Arrival: 2014 at earliest
Source: Michael Dick, Audi Board of Management via Georg Kacher, Automobile Magazine)
Probablility: Likely

Audi has made no secret of an aggressive push to grow its model lineup and to do so, Ingolstadt is readying a dizzying mix of new models. Among scenarios being very seriously investigated is that of the Audi A9. Set to be a large coupe and convertible, the A9 would slot in at or above Audi’s A8 flagship, well above that of the current A7 in both luxury and price and right up against the Mercedes-Benz SL.