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Audi Q5 Hybrid Fuel Cell: Revealed at Michelin Challenge Bibendum

Audi Q5 Hybrid Fuel Cell

Audi has revealed a technical study of the Audi Q5 Hybrid Fuel Cell at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum.

With the Q5 HFC, Audi is exploring the potential of combining hydrogen fuel cell technology with a hybrid drivetrain for greater range and efficiency over a standard hydrogen-power car (which generates electricity to drive the vehicle).

The Q5 HFC features two high-pressure cylinders where the hydrogen is stored at a pressure rate of 700 bar (10,153 psi). The fuel cell is made of a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) and has an output of 98 kW (133 PS / 131 bhp). A 1.3 kWh lithium-ion battery is also able to store energy while two electric motors mounted close to the wheels, with a combined output of 90 kW (122 PS / 121 bhp) and up to 420 Nm (309.78 lb-ft) of torque, drive the Q5.