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Audi R8 GT Sport: Spy shots?

Audi R8 GT Sport

Are these alleged spy shots of an Audi R8 GT Sport? If not, what else is hiding under?

Could Audi be working on an even more extreme version of its R8 supercar, one beyond the already hardcore R8 GT? Well, it certainly looks that way following the sighting of this new R8 prototype at one of the automaker’s test facilities in Germany.

While a R8 RS would be nice, we’re more likely to see Audi resurrect its ‘Sport’ label, which was last seen in 2005 on a limited edition TT quattro Sport built to mark the end of production of the previous generation TT. In fact, this has been hinted at by Audi quattro development chief Stefan Reil in the past.

To confuse matters even further, Audi is also rumored to be developing a special lightweight version of the R8 dubbed the ‘NF’, which is expected to replace many of its structural pieces with carbon fiber and could be in limited production by 2014.