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Audi RS4: Bring it to US (if it exists) and sign the online petition!

Audi RS4

If you are eagerly awaiting the non-confirmed Audi RS4 and would like to see it in the US, go ahead and sign the online petition.

One of our readers came to us recently, lamenting the fact that Audi have announced no plans for an RS4 based on the current B8 platform. Sure, the RS5 is a fantastic car, we love it, but what about people who have kids (or just prefer 4 door sedans) and still want the phenominal performance that the RS cars are known for? We’d love to see an RS4 here in the USA, and we’re sure there are many other like minded Audi fans out there who would too.

Our reader is so adamant that he wants the RS4 that he took the trouble to create an on-line petition, with the hopes that enough people will sign it, and convince Audi that an RS4 would make good business sense. We’re not sure what will come of it, but we know we’d love to see an RS4!