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Porsche Boxster E: Electric driving video

Porsche Boxster E

Cool driving video here of the electric Porsche Boxster E. Enjoy!

The strangest thing about riding in the Porsche Boxster E is how quiet it is. While in other electric vehicles the absence of the engine rumble is something we can get used to, in a Porsche that missing purr is particularly unusual. Engineers have included a kind of synthesised sound on the interior, but let’s face it – as much as we like the environment, that sound is never going to be like real Porsche engine noise. In fact, the only thing you’ll hear in the video above is the wind.

The Porsche Boxster E is equipped with a 90kW motor (about 120 hp), while torque is about 270 Nm. Performance stats are 0-100 km/hr in 9.8 seconds. That is significantly slower than the traditional Boxster’s 6.5 seconds. If that’s not enough for traditional Porsche enthusiasts, the company has worked on a solution of offering two motors totalling 240 hp and torque of 540 Nm. In that set-up, acceleration is down to about 5.5 seconds.