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Porsche Panamera S Hybrid: Green drive

Porsche Panamera S Hybrid

Nice driving report here with the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid. Have a read!

So yes, it’s quick. And yes, it’s smooth. And the eight-speed transmission is quicker and more refined than nearly anything else out of Germany or Japan. But to win on the technology and fuel economy front, the Panamera S Hybrid has to do more than just be another quick Porsche. And that’s where it succeeds and surprises.

As you’d expect from any modern hybrid, the Panamera allows you to motor along under electric power as soon as you twist the key. Porsche claims you can hit speeds up to 52.8 mph in “favorable driving conditions” without ever tapping into the V6. However, even the lightest feather-foot would be lucky to max out at 15 or 20 mph before the internal combustion engine kicks in to provide additional motivation.