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VW e-Up!, VW Golf Blue-e-motion: Electric cars coming to Japan in next 3 years!

VW e-Up!, VW Golf Blue-e-motion

VW Japan will introduce the electric VW e-Up! and the VW Golf Blue-e-motion to Japan in the next 3 years. Good news!

In addition to launching electric vehicles in Japan, Dorizas told the Nikkei that the German automaker will debut “competitively priced” hybrid vehicles. VW unveiled the Touareg Hybrid in Japan back in January, but, with a price tag of 8.98 million yen ($110,059 U.S. at the current exchange rate), it’s easy to argue that this SUV is not priced to compete. Nonetheless, Dorizas says that VW anticipates 14 percent of its passenger vehicle sales in Japan to be hybrids this year.