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VW Passat: Rendering of next generation revealed!

VW Passat

German Autobild is running some nice renderings about the next (8th) generation of the European VW Passat, but the intel behind is at least as interesting. Make sure to read!

The 2014 Passat will be the first Passat with Volkswagen’s new kit architecture as its underpinnings. The current B7 (B class, 7th generation) sits on the PQ47 platform. That’s Plattform, quer, 7. Generation (transverse platform, 7th gen.)

The Mk 8 Passat will no longer sit on a platform, but will be built using Volkswagen’s MQB, or Modularer QuerBaukasten. (“Modular Transverse Kit” or more hifalutin, “Modular Transverse Matrix.”) This new kit architecture covers pretty much everything in Volkswagen’s future, from the Polo to the Passat.