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Audi R4, Porsche 550, VW BlueSport: All confirmed?!

Audi R4, Porsche 550, VW BlueSport

Interesting news here as rumor has it that all 3 new roadsters have now been confirmed: the Audi R4, the Porsche 550 and the VW BlueSport.

For starters, each car will receive its own individual exterior styling. The Audi will be influenced by the techno-look of the E-tron Spyder concept, which means up-to-date, fresh lines that will also serve as a template for the next-gen R8.

Meanwhile, the Porsche will take its cue from the iconic 550 Spyder, launched in 1953. Insiders are said to be referring to the new entry-level car as the ‘550’ in a clear reference to a car that in later generations also established Porsche’s race-winning credentials.
As befits its positioning as a volume car maker, Volkswagen’s offering will feature styling inspired by its current car range and already previewed on the BlueSport concept at Detroit in 2009.

The interiors of the three cars will also differ; each will reflect the instrument panel architectures and moulding shapes found in other recently launched Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen models.