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Bentley Continental GT: Road test report

Bentley Continental GT

Nice road test report here with the Bentley Continental GT. Enjoy!

The cabin of any late-model Bentley, like the cabin of a $10 million custom yacht, is a wonderful place to watch the surface of the earth slip by. The interior is upholstered with yards of wonderful soft-touch leather, and only the finest wood veneers and polished cool-touch metals are visible. All controls and switchgear operate with a solid feel, and everything just feels rich. The two new ‘Cobra’ front seats are comfortable, supportive and chock full of adjustability. In addition to variable seat heating, cooling, lumbar and massage settings, the cushions under the thigh unroll to present a seamless extension of the bottom part of the seat cushion. Regardless of stature, there is generous head, shoulder and leg room for both front passengers. And, thanks to a lack of B-pillars, outward visibility isn’t too bad, with special compliments owed to the oversized exterior mirrors.