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Porsche 911: Next generation comes with 7-speed manual transmission!

Porsche 911

Rumor has it that the next-generation Porsche 911 will not come with a dual-clutch transmission, but with a 7-speed manual one. Great!

The point is to offer a tall, seventh gear for improved efficiency and reduced engine noise during long cruises. The shifting experience is said to be similar to that of the current six-speed manual—which we love—there’s just a bit more rowing to do, although, depending on the ratio spread, veteran Porsche drivers might also have to slightly tweak their thinking in terms of gear choice for upcoming corners. Unless something changes and the shift pattern is seriously wacky, though, we doubt anyone will get confused during hard driving, since seventh will hardly be anyone’s go-to gear for corner exit.

As to the next 911 itself, it carries the internal 991 designation and is scheduled to debut at the Frankfurt auto show this September.