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VW Golf GTI 35 Edition: Likely coming to US!

VW Golf GTI 35 Edition

Latest street word has it that the VW Golf GTI 35 Edition is likely to come to the US, but maybe under a different name. Great news!

The big news for the 35 Edition GTI is a jump in horsepower to 235 horsepower, or 25 more ponies than the already awesome standard GTI. The name of the special edition VW comes as a tribute to the fact that the GTI has been available in Europe for 35 years. Not so in the U.S., though, so the name may have to change if it indeed reaches our shores. C/D points out that the first GTI hit the States in 1983, so the 30 Edition name could be a strong possibility. Of course, that means the 35 badging on the door sills, seats and fenders will need to go, but we’re guessing the deletes won’t be much trouble at all.