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VW Passat BlueMotion: Comes with super-efficient 68.9mpg!

VW Passat BlueMotion

VW UK has announced the VW Passat BlueMotion and it comes with awesome 68.9mpg! Take that hybrids.

The BlueMotion version of the seventh-generation Passat (not to be confused with the US model), itself launched in Europe in January, is offered in both sedan and Estate formats with prices starting at £19,875 and £21,180 respectively.

The Passat BlueMotion is powered by a modified version of Volkswagen’s 1.6-litre common rail diesel engine developing 105-horses, connected to a six-speed manual gearbox. To improve fuel economy, Volkswagen’s engineers fitted the car with Stop/Start and battery regeneration systems and also revised aerodynamics to reduce drag through the use of rolling resistance tyres, a 15mm lower suspension at the front and 7.5 mm at the rear, a different radiator grille and underbody panels.

Together, these measures result in a combined fuel consumption of 68.9 mpg UK (57.3 mpg US or 4.1 lt / 100km) for the saloon and 65.7 mpg (54.7 mpg US or 4.3 lt / 100km) for the Estate, and CO2 emissions of 109 g/km and 113 g/km respectively.