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Audi R5, Audi R5 Sportback, Audi A9: The latest intel about Audi’s future models!

Audi R5, Audi R5 Sportback, Audi A9

Here’s the latest intel about Audi’s future models, especially the Audi R5, the Audi R5 Sportback and the Audi A9. A must read!

Audi A5: Michael Dick told us back at the launch of the Detroit e-tron concept that “The R8 needs a baby brother”. Such a car has been called many things, most commonly “R4” but the “R5” is more accurately the name we expect to see if its on-again-off-again finally ends up to simly “on”.

According to Kacher, there’s still a chance for R5. With developmental control of sportscars, an internal program known as “550” has proceeded at Stuttgart, stemming from the former project known as ‘Bluesport’ and loosely based on the concept car by the same name.

Audi A9: At first it was believed that the A8 and an upcoming A9 coupe (rendered above) would also migrate to MSB (from MLB in the case of the A8) in order to achieve higher volume for the new architecture, but according to Kacher this may have been flipped back to Ingolstadt for the MSB-evo use on request of executives in Ingolstadt.

Turns out the Gallardo successor (2013) and R8 successor (2015) based on the MSS platform revealed to us a while back by Michael Dick are still largely Audi developed. So says the report, the next all-new A8 (2016) and A9 (2017) would remain under Audi’s developmental control.