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Audi S8: Spy shots from Death Valley

Audi S8

Here are some fresh spy shots of the Audi S8 from Death Valley. Make sure to watch!

The new S8 drops its predecessor’s naturally aspirated, 450-hp, 398-lb-ft V-10 (which we loved in our 2007 long-termer) in favor of a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8. The new engine, however, will have even more power and should also offer a hefty jump in torque, as well. The V-8 will be shared not only with the upcoming S6 and S7, but also with an entry-level version of the latest Bentley Continental GT, and should make around 500 hp in the S8. That should be plenty to shove the big Audi to its governed top speed of 155 mph with ease. Ungoverned, we’re told that the S8 could reach over 185 mph, and that Audi might offer the option to raise the governor to let the big sedan gallop away from the gaggles of turbo-diesels clogging the autobahn.