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Mercedes-Benz CLS550: Road test report

Mercedes-Benz CLS550

Nice road test report here with the Mercedes-Benz CLS550. Enjoy!

This is a big car—it tipped our scales at more than 4100 pounds—and it drives like one. The plushly appointed cabin is comfortable, the heavily bolstered seats seemingly good for thousand-mile days. But the low roofline lends a small-car feel, and you end up tossing the CLS around like you would a much smaller machine.

Chassis behavior is predictable and entertaining but won’t surprise anyone. The standard Airmatic air suspension works well enough on winding pavement but doesn’t like being rushed; you spend a lot of time waiting for the nose to take a set, for the back end to settle down, for the rest of the car to make it through the corner. Grip on a smooth skidpad is a commendable 0.89 g, but truly crazed asphalt can bind things up to the point where the car simply gives up and throws in a stability-controlled brake application to yank everything back down again.