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Porsche 911: First interior photo of next generation

Porsche 911

Here’s the first interior photo of the new Porsche 911. A must see!

But the crew at Car & Driver, who have been tagging along with the Porsche 991 development team in South Africa, have divulged several crucial details:

Carrera S to have 400 HP
Carrera to have 350 HP, share 3.4l engine w/ Boxster S
2 transmissions: 7-spd manual and 7-spd PDK
Launch Control available on both transmissions
2.5 inches wider, 4 inches longer wheelbase
longer wheel base to accommodate HYBRID drivetrain in 2016 mid-cycle refresh
12-15% improved fuel efficiency (euro cycle)
electronic parking brake
full-length sunroof
19-inch wheels standard on Carrera, 20-inch on Carrera S (20s optional on Carrera)
Nürburgring lap time: 8:04 for 991, 7:50 for 991 S. “Best setup” in 7:37.