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VW Golf R: Coming to US early 2012

VW Golf R

The VW Golf R is on track for its early 2012 launch in the US. Good news!

The information was revealed by Volkswagen’s product and technology communications manager Mark Gillies, who explained that the Golf R was always in the pipeline for the U.S. market and is now in the final stages of compliance procedures.

The news isn’t all rosy, however. U.S. delivered Golf Rs will feature a slightly detuned version of the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine powering the sporty hatch sold in Europe. Though final output figures are yet to be determined, the U.S. market Golf R is expected to deliver around the 250 horsepower mark, which is slightly lower than the 256 horsepower offered overseas. You can blame our stricter EPA regulations and poorer fuel quality for the discrepancy.