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VW up!: World premiere at Paris Motor Show in August

VW up!

Latest rumor has it that VW will debut the VW up! at the Paris Motor Show in August.

Both three- and five-door versions of the much-anticipated minicar will be on hand, according to VW Up Blogspot. Following its world premiere in Paris, the VW Up! will head to Germany for its on-stage debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in mid-September.

The release date for the three-door Up! – powered by either a 1.0-liter gasoline engine or 1.2-liter diesel – is tentatively set for the end of 2011, with the five-door hatchback slated for launch in late 2012. Sometime in early 2013, an MPV version of VW’s minicar will enter the production mix. Shortly thereafter, the electric-only Up! will debut.