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VW: Winner of 34 Lions at Cannes Lions International Festival

VW The Force Cannes Lions International Festival

VW has been awarded with an amazing 34 Lions at the Cannes Lions International Festival for “The Force” commercial and other campaigns. Congrats!

Volkswagen had a serious reason to go. They went home with a whole safari park of the coveted “Lions.” Volkswagen received a total of 34 Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions.

Volkswagen even won a “Titanium Lion” for the “Think Blue” campaign.environmental and sustainability initiative. “The Force” Darth Vader ad for the Passat, won three awards alone – two Gold and one Bronze. Campaigns from the USA, Australia and New Zealand were honored, as were those from Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, England, China, Argentina and Brazil won eight “Golden Lions,” and 14 awards in Silver and eleven in Bronze.