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Audi A4: Next generation coming with plug-in hybrid!

Audi A4 e-quattro

The next generation Audi A4 will feature a plug-in hybrid.

According to AutoBild, the car will ride on the MLB Evo platform which will enable it to weigh 120 to 150 kg (265 to 331 lbs) less than the current model. Despite the reduced mass, the A4 is expected to grow in size to battle the enlarged BMW 3-Series.

If that doesn’t sound eco-friendly enough, the A4 plug-in hybrid is rumored to have a rear-axle electric motor that will enable the car to travel 30 to 60 km (19 to 37 miles) on electricity alone. Additionally, this setup will offer an all-wheel drive system dubbed e-Quattro that will have no mechanical connection between the axles.