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Audi Q6: Caught testing, spy shots galore!

Audi Q6

The Audi Q6 has been caught testing, enjoy the spy shots!

These latest spy shots depict a test-mule for the car running up some high speed laps at the Nurburgring race track in Germany. A test-mule is basically a rolling test-bed for a new model’s drivetrain and chassis components hidden under the sheet metal of an existing model, in this case a Q5.

However, there are many details we can gather from these latest spy shots. Firstly, the new Q6 will be significantly longer than the Q5 as revealed by the additional panels located in the middle of the cabin section.

A wider track is also visible, as evidenced by the makeshift fender flares. Finally, the test-mule appears to sit much lower than the standard Q5, hinting at the new Q6’s sporty dynamics.

Those silver hub caps are torque measuring devices typically used during the development of traction and stability control systems.