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Audi R8: Is this the new face?

Audi R8

Could this be the new face of the soon to be facelifted Audi R8?

Today we’ve stumbled across this photo released by Audi in some seemingly unrelated materials… perhaps inadvertently, but then again Audi never does things inadvertently. Pardon the pixelation, but we blew it up and pulled some shadows out of that grille to get a better view.

Meant to show off Audi’s LED design prowess, we’re 99% certain the design buck shown in the shot also reveals next year’s planned R8 facelift. When we first glanced at the small photo, all we saw was the headlight. Taking a second look, the photo really grabbed our attention.

Here’s what we see:

1. Unlike the e-tron concept, e-tron spyder concept or other sportscar designs Audi has released in concept form, this is quite obviously an R8… but with several differences and that is most interesting indeed. The R8 facelift is due soon… but how soon?

2. LED-rich, longer and more aggressively shaped headlight – It’s possible this is a concept component, but likely not. First, it’s not anything we’ve seen before… not e-tron or e-tron Spyder. If it is production, this suggests the R8’s headlight assembly will stretch from the quarter panel entirely to the grille where it becomes pinpoint thin but still carries the amber glow of the turn signal.

2. Hexagonal take on the Audi grille – Notice how Audi’s been cutting the corners off the top portion of its grille on the A8, A7, A6 and new A5? The cut is here on this grille too, subtle but there and noticeably different from the current R8 grille.

3. Grille Texture – Note the hole-style mesh of that grille. This is unlike anything we’ve seen in any current R8 and closer (but not exact) to the grille mesh texture of some RS cars.