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Bugatti Galibier: Confirmed!

Bugatti Galibier

Bugatti has confirmed the production of the Bugatti Galibier. Good news!

Now, Bugatti and Bentley boss Wolfgang Dürheimer has confirmed the company is “committed to a four-door Bugatti”, and promised to deliver even more muscle from the W16 unit. Dürheimer told Auto Express: “The Galibier didn’t have four-digit power. It has to be above 1,000bhp. We shouldn’t limit ourselves.”

He added that 1,500 models could be produced, from as soon as late 2012. This would coincide with the end of production of the Veyron; a car which has never made money, despite its £1million-plus price. Yet Dürheimer claims Bugatti can justify the Galibier’s development cost, as it will test-bed new technologies of benefit to other VW Group brands. “Bugatti needs to add as much value to the company as it costs,” he said.