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Mercedes-Benz SLK: Diesel version unveiled

Mercedes-Benz SLK

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a diesel version of the new Mercedes-Benz SLK.

The latest addition to the Stuttgart manufacturer’s sports car range is fitted with a 2143cc, 204bhp four-cylinder oil-burning engine.

Mercedes’ official performance figures claim 0-62mph in 6.7sec, a top speed of 151mph, 368lb ft of torque and fuel consumption of 57mpg. The stated CO2 emission figure is 128g/km and, like all SLK models, the 250 CDI features a stop-start system as standard.
Externally the new car is the same as the petrol variants, and retains the twin-exhaust system.
The car is fitted with the standard 7G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission, but a six-speed manual will follow in the second quarter of 2012.