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Porsche 961: Is this Porsche’s new supersportscar?

Porsche 961

Have a look at this image: is this Porsche’s rumored new supersportscar, the Porsche 961?

It’s set to be called 961, reviving a badge last used on a 959-based racer, designed to compete in Group B sportscar racing in the Eighties.

There are no details on its engine or chassis, but the 961 will have to boast about 600bhp, most likely from a turbocharged version of the high-revving 3.4-litre V8 in the RS Spyder racer. Making extensive use of carbon fibre and aluminium, the car should do 0-60mph in three seconds and go beyond 220mph.

However, it won’t have hybrid technology – that’s being reserved for the top-spec 918 Spyder. The 961 should arrive in around 2014.