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Audi A2 Concept: Unveiled ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show

Audi A2 Concept

Audi has unveiled the Audi A2 Concept ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show. A must see!

• Plenty of room for four people within a length of just 3.80 meters
• Matrix beam, dynamic light and an innovative, bright interior design
• Powerful electric drive system for agile performance and long range

With the electric-only powertrain of the A2 concept, Audi is offering another peek into the future of electric mobility at the 64th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. The technical study features a classic, premium-standard space concept that offers plenty of room for four people.

The Audi A2 concept is just 3.80 meters (12.47 ft) long, 1.69 meters (5.54 ft) wide and 1.49 meters (4.89 ft) high; even so, it makes an elegant, powerful and sporty impression on the street. Its clean appearance concentrates on the essentials; all details are subtle but shaped for visual impact. The dark glass roof of the white-painted show car switches to transparency with the push of a button.