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Audi R8 GT: Camping trip report from Le Mans

Audi R8 GT

Great camping trip report here from the Le Mans, even better because the Audi R8 GT was the ride of choice.

It was this that inspired us to borrow from perennial race-winner Audi the company’s newest and raciest sports car, the R8 GT, and cram it full with two pup tents, two inflatable bedrolls, two sleeping bags, two pillows, two umbrellas, two rolls of toilet paper, a bunch of miniature bananas, one baguette, two windbreakers, camera gear, one cooler (containing as many cans of ­Kronenbourg 1664 beer as we could fit, three bottles of water, and two cans of energy drink left by the guy from whom we stole the cooler) for the purpose of infield camping. Well, it wasn’t the Caterhams or the Morgans in particular that inspired us but the fact that otherwise sensible and at least reasonably comfortable people regularly drive to Le Mans in their supercars, exotics, freak shows, and kit-car replicas with only the provisions that will fit in various overheated nooks and crannies and pitch a tent next to their Ferrari F40. No kidding. I saw an F40 camper a few years ago. An F40! And a Carrera GT camper. And then they do it again the next year and the year after. And by “people,” I mean “men.” And by “men,” I mean “British men.”