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Audi S5 3.0T Coupe: More presence

Audi S5 3.0T Coupe

Nice review here of the Audi S5 3.0T Coupe.

Identical or otherwise, twins tend to find a way to separate themselves. Romulus killed Remus. One of the Sklar brothers wears glasses. Mary-Kate Olsen has a hyphenated first name. Until now, the Audi S5 coupe had a V-8, and the S5 cabriolet was the one with the blown V-6.

For 2013, though, the S5 coupe will trade its 4.2-liter V-8 for the same 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 that the S5 cabriolet has had all along. Now you’ll have to rely on roof rigidity to tell them apart.