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Audi TT RS: US driving report

Audi TT RS

Nice driving report here of the US-spec Audi TT RS.

About 15 minutes into a drive of the new U.S.-spec TT RS, we’d only been puttering along in traffic and managed to blend in pretty well. But when the road opened up and we dropped the hammer, we truly weren’t prepared to be pinned back in our seats with such force. With an engine that revs willingly, low gear ratios to take advantage of it, a hard-to-fluster all-wheel-drive system, and a meaty torque plateau that caps most of the rev range, the RS can leave you a little speechless, delivering the acceleration of an exotic.

Conservative factory numbers from Audi put the TT RS at just 4.1 seconds for the 0-60 mph dash. That’s faster than the V-8 Audi R8, a normally aspirated Porsche 911, or even the screaming new Ford Mustang Boss 302.