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Audi Urban concept: Driving report!

Audi Urban concept

Great driving report here with the Audi Urban concept. Awesome!

Upon closer inspection, the golden-hued mule that Kacher drove bore a fair amount of changes from the two urban concept show cars seen in Frankfurt. It’s an earlier variant, using more traditional spring/strut suspension, with a stronger (and heavier) aluminum and carbon fiber tub. Also, the electric drivetrain on the Engineering Experience Module boasts roughly double the power output of the show cars in order to prove the little car’s chassis dynamics to test drivers like Kacher.

There are more interesting details. Apparently the car was originally intended to be dubbed ‘Audi neo’, but that name’s been copyrighted by someone else.

Technical details are even more intriguing. Seems the car utilizes the same front suspension design and rear suspension design sans steering rods as the Volkswagen XL1 efficiency concept shown at the Qatar Motor Show.