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Audi Urban Concept: First real life photos

Audi Urban Concept

Here are the first real life photos of the Audi Urban Concept. Have a look!

During a media presentation held ahead of the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi unveiled its Urban Sportback and Spyder concept cars in the flesh. Up until now, the Ingolstadt-based automaker had only released sketches and computer generated images of its 1+1 seater studies.
Designed for use in urban and metropolitan areas, the tiny twins are powered by an electric drivetrain and feature a seating for two in a tandem layout.

The Urban Sportback is fitted with a canopy that forms part of the body and slides up and to the rear, while the roofless Spyder features a flat window strip wrapping around the cockpit and doors that open upward at an angle.

The concepts measure 3,219 millimeters (126.73 in) long, 1,678 millimeters (66.06 in) wide and just 1,189 millimeters (46.81 in) tall (Sportback).