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Bugatti Galibier: On hold?

Bugatti Galibier

Latest rumor has it that Bugatti has put the Bugatti Galibier on hold.

A new report suggests that Bugatti’s new CEO Wolfgang Durheimer has put plans for a four-door supercar on hold since it isn’t an ‘argument stopper,’… yet.
Sources say that a decision will be made at the end of this year on the future of the Galibier. Durheimer has asked Bugatti’s engineering team some tricky questions about the Galibier’s comfort, utility and performance.
“In his opinion,” a source said, “there should not even be a question about the best car in the world when you sit down to discuss it with your billionaire buddies. “He doesn’t want to build it until it’s the car that finishes the argument, not the car that starts it.”