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Porsche Pajun: Latest intel

Porsche Pajun

Here’s the latest intel about the upcoming Porsche Pajun.

Porsche is slowly being scooped up by Wolfsburg giant Volkswagen AG and because of that, Porsche is seeing a wave of new models from efforts of product expansion. The first to kick it off for the current lineup of Porsches was the Cayenne, then the Cayman and now the Panamara. With a new compact SUV called the Cajun on the way, word is that Porsche is also introducing a compact sedan called the Pajun, which is short of Panamara Junior.
Reports say that the Pajun will be based on an advanced modular architecture known as MSB and is flexible with AWD and RWD applications. It was developed in Weissach for use on Porsche, Bentley and Lamborghini models.