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VW Jetta Hybrid: Coming to Detroit Motor Show

VW Jetta Hybrid

The VW Jetta Hybrid will be presented at the Detroit Motor Show. Great news!

While attending the Frankfurt auto show, we’ve learned that Volkswagen plans to debut the production-ready 2013 Jetta hybrid at the Detroit show in January ahead of its on-sale date later in the year. It will use a TSI engine as previously announced, but we’ve also confirmed that it will displace 1.4 liters and that it will only be turbocharged, and not turbo- and supercharged as the 1.4 is in non-hybrid applications, in the interest of keeping costs down. The battery pack will be of the lithium-ion variety, and the car will be positioned as a sporty, performance hybrid, although we were told to expect big-time fuel-economy numbers, too.