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VW up!: Driven!

VW up!

Interesting driving report here with the new VW up!.

Yep, VW is going to be pushing the Up hard, which means trouble for the likes of the Fiat Panda, Hyundai i10 and Toyota Aygo.
Chiefly because this is a very convincing car. Let’s start with size. The Up is smaller than a Panda, but has a bigger (250-litre) boot and better rear space. In fact the packaging is brilliant. There’s a feeling of space throughout the cabin – not just leg and headroom, but things like elbow space and the fact that driver and passenger aren’t cheek-by-jowl.

VW isn’t famed for its packaging, but by pushing the wheels right out to the corners and maximising the wheelbase, it’s achieved impressive things. Then there’s the quality. There are some brittle plastics around, but the bits you touch and feel have been lovingly crafted. Of course VW has only been able to do this by cutting corners in other areas. There’s no one-touch for the electric windows, nor reach adjustment for the steering, for instance. But what matters is this is a VW where it counts – comfort, seating, ergonomics, design, layout, texture, atmosphere, practicality and all the rest. Much effort has been expended in this car’s creation.