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Lamborghini: SUV instead of Sedan?


Latest rumor has it that Lamborghini might develop a SUV instead of the discussed sedan, the Lamborghini Estoque.

Unfortunately, the product planners feel differently, as reports suggest that the crossover is more likely to get the nod than the sedan. Emerging markets like China, India and Latin America – where a soft-roader would prove more popular – have apparently been swaying the decision-makers. The resulting vehicle is likely to borrow its underpinnings from the Porsche Cayenne, offer all-wheel drive and possibly a turbocharged engine – but no hybrids or diesels.

Of course the announcement hasn’t been made yet, so there’s no telling what might happen until it is, but for now, it looks like the LM002 is coming back, in one form or another, while the Estoque will (for the time being at least) remain a one-off show piece.