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Mercedes-Benz A-Class Cabriolet: On its way!

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Cabriolet

Mercedes-Benz is working on a Mercedes-Benz A-Class Cabriolet. Have a look!

During a presentation at the launch of the B-Class, Mercedes CEO Dr Dieter Zetsche announced that five new compact cars are on the way over the next few years, all based on the same platform. Four we already know about: the B-Class, A-Class hatch, a small BMW X1-rivalling SUV and a baby CLS four-door coupe.

The A-Class Cabriolet is the missing fifth link. Under the skin, it will sit on the new front-wheel-drive platform that uses multi-link rear suspension for a more comfortable ride and better handling. A fabric roof is expected, too, as it is lighter and more cost-effective than a folding hard-top.