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Mercedes-Benz: Baby SLS on its way!

Mercedes-Benz SLS

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed to be working on a baby SLS.

Christoph Jung, development director of performance division AMG revealed that Mercedes-Benz is planning a smaller, less expensive sibling to the Mercedes SLS supercar. According to Jung, “There is room for an AMG model below the SLS, targeting the Porsche 911. This is the next market for AMG, and we are considering what is the right package.”

Jung also said that the success of the £168,000 SLS Gullwing – which has now sold 5,000 models since 2009 and grown to include a Roadster version – had paved the way for a second AMG model.

“It is important to work on our brand and grow it. Look at the Porsche 911 – it is a huge success. They have done a very good job in evolving it over the years. Now, thanks to the SLS, companies like Porsche see AMG as competition. Everyone recognises that AMG can produce super sports cars.”