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Porsche Cajun: Fresh intel!

Porsche Cajun

Here’s the latest intel about the upcoming Porsche Cajun.

The key dimensions don’t vary dramatically from the Audi Q5. The rear overhang will be cut by 30mm, the roof comes down by 20mm, and the width increases by 15mm. What makes a difference are the bigger tyres with a strong emphasis on redesigned 19- and 20-inchers. All exterior and interior panels will of course be styled from scratch, but the windscreen angle, the firewall and the roof pillars have to remain as they are.

To ensure a sports car-like driving position, the Cajun receives bespoke seats, a less steeply raked steering column and the dashboard of the new Boxster complete with instrumentation, infotainment and the traditional offset ignition lock. The substantial centre stack rises at an angle, Panamera-style. Although the base model is a four-seater, a 4+1 rear seat will be available as an option. The head- and taillights are of the high-intensity LED matrix beam kind.