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VW up!: 5-door model coming soon

VW up!

VW has confirmed to be working on a 5-door model of the VW up!.

With the show now behind us, Volkswagen has now confirmed that the Up! will be available later next year as a five-door model to join the three-door unveiled in Frankfurt. So what can we expect? Sneaky as VW is, they’ve already showed us with the Cross Up! concept that was mixed in with the batch of otherwise three-door (or entirely doorless) show cars displayed at its sprawling show stand at the Messe.

The concept’s five-door shape – including a straighter shoulder-line instead of the upward kink in the three-door – will carry over from the Cross Up! but the off-road bits (like the beefed-up bumpers and wheel arch extensions) likely won’t.